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With so many applications for drones, it becomes necessary to have a tool that can transport multiple sensors. The X3 features a 10mm rail, where you can install visible, thermal, multispectral cameras, or any other type of sensor.

Open Source

With an Ardupilot based autopilot,
the X3 offers countless options for customization and continuous support from the Ardupilot community

Compatible with Mission Planner and Tower

Plan and execute autonomous missions, control every parameter during the flight, with Mission Planner and Tower, this drone is ideal for photogrammetry flights.

Flight Time

Thanks to its lightweight, carbon fiber body, the X3 can stay in the air for 35 minutes with a Sony A5000 camera, or 45 minutes without payload

Easy to upgrader

Don’t let your drone become obsolete. Thanks to its modular and open source design,
it’s easy to perform any upgrade. Do you need more powerful motors? A more precise RTK GPS? You can isntall these yourself, or contact us before buying for customization options

Size: 320mm tall, 650mm between motors. Foldable
Peso: 1.4Kg (no payload)
Radio Range: 700 metros
Flight duration: 45 minutes without payload, 35 minutes with a 300gr payload

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 70 x 30 x 20 cm