Indian Open Air Music Festival

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The Indian Open Air Festival is the most famous Indian music festival in Munich. The shows, songs and food bring this culture closer to Europe in a fun and entertaining way. From time to time a countdown is started that prompts the viewers to throw a bag full of color pigments that fill the whole venue with color. Given its …

Munich Aerial Tour

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This selection of aerial scenes of the city of Munich is one of our favorite productions. The perspective allows to discover the city in a different way, which conventional aerial images can’t film, thanks to the low height at which UAVs can be operated. The sensation is similar to just walking around the city, but with a privileged view. The …

Photographs of new highway access in Viladecans

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This work consists of a series of photographs of the new highway access in Viladecans before and after it was open to the public. The new bridge adds a new incoming lane and will allow the construction of a commercial area extending underneath it. The design was done by the engineer bureau Manuel Reventós and the construction was assigned to …

GoPro introduces the Hero4

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We had been waiting for a while and finally GoPro has introduced its latest model series, the Hero 4. The action camera company has yet again doubled the performance of its flagship model, which now allows 4k at usable 30fps and 1080p at 120fps. As we have grown accustomed to, the release comes bundled with a spectacular video demo, featuring …

Filming in Preikestolen

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Preikestolen is the Norsk name of a Platform suspended on the fjords with a vertical fall of 604 meters. With such a description we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to film this impressive rock After a 4 hour hike transporting our (lightest) equipment we reach the platform and enjoy the spectacular view. Climatic conditions at the top were good and …

Customer examples

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Today we’re opening a new section for customer examples in our site. Here you will find samples of our latest aerial videos and photographs. Some scenes from Schliersee and from the Holi Festival in Munich are already there!