ZCOPTERS’S mission is to accelerate the adoption of UAVs in the industrial and commercial sector.

ZCOPTERS was founded in 2014 to demonstrate how the use of drones could bring substantial improvements to several economic sectors.
The possibility of positioning a sensor in any location, without worrying about height or terrain, poses an obvious advantage for observing and capturing our environment.

Since then, ZCOPTERS, has been a pioneer in aerial image and video creation, and has taken advantage of the team’s expertise in fields like photogrammetry and GPS guided, autonomous flights. Thus combining the capabilities of aerial robots, with the information processing power of current computers.

This experience has allowed us to have a significant, positive impact on the way mining and surveying is performed in Spain. Thanks to ZCOPTERS, many users now have access to up to date, quality information about their operations, such as 3d maps and precise volumetric calculations, allowing them to take more informed decisions.

Apart from our main service, which has always been the operation of UAVs, we have designed and built drones for specific purposes and we have offered training in the professional use of drones. This is essential to include more people in our common goal of exploiting the possibilities of drones in the civil sector.

In 2016 we continue innovating, offering online training, for students who can’t come to our office in Barcelona. We have also launched our first global product, Airstring, which allows users to connect their drones to the internet. This lets users to work from longer distances and allows new applications, like monitoring multiple UAVs from a remote location, which is especially useful for emergency response services.

ZCOPTERS is not only a drone operator, but also a design and technology company specialized on the applications of autonomous systems

The team


Jose Alberto Soler


Jose is a telecommunications engineer. After 2 years working on the development of cameras for autonomous cars, he founded ZCOPTERS to combine this experience with the drone sector.


Martí Gasull


MSc in telecommunications, Martí has contributed to several UAV research projects at UPC, At ZCOPTERS he aims to improve the way users interact with UAVs