Indian Open Air Music Festival

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The Indian Open Air Festival is the most famous Indian music festival in Munich. The shows, songs and food bring this culture closer to Europe in a fun and entertaining way.
From time to time a countdown is started that prompts the viewers to throw a bag full of color pigments that fill the whole venue with color.
Given its outdoor nature, it was the perfect scenery to create aerial images that complement the rest of the footage on the event.
Due to the restrictions of the Bavarian legislation with respect to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, we were not allowed to fly above the crowd, but we could fly in the surroundings.
The work consisted on several sequences recorded at 2.7k resolution, complemented with some photographs of the venue before the festival. The final edition was realized by the organization of the Holi Festival. The images shown at this post is only a selection of scenes for demonstration purposes

Photograph publication at the event’s pubic profile:

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