GoPro introduces the Hero4

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We had been waiting for a while and finally GoPro has introduced its latest model series, the Hero 4. The action camera company has yet again doubled the performance of its flagship model, which now allows 4k at usable 30fps and 1080p at 120fps.
As we have grown accustomed to, the release comes bundled with a spectacular video demo, featuring crisp aerial footage.

It’s no wonder why GoPro has become a success in the aerial video world, thanks to prosumer quality and reduced size. Reduced weight allows multirotor pilots to fly longer and in a more agile manner than regular video cameras, when these are not required.

It remains unclear how much the photographic mode has improved, we did find photography on GoPros quite limiting on earlier versions. According to the press release the Protune mode (similar to RAW) now also applies to photography, meaning less compressed shots that are more prone to digital editing afterwards.
Another interesting perk of the new model, is the claim that the Hero4 “virtually eliminates” the rolling shutter effect. This effect happened when the movement in the camera field of view happened to fast for the sensor to capture, resulting in a distorted image. The Hero4 apparently eliminates this using a sensor with higher read speeds. Although this effect could be controlled with good stabilization, it is always good to have a safety margin, especially when flying in adverse meteorological conditions.

Truth is we can’t wait to test the new camera and have already pre-ordered, we will keep you updated,

Source: GoPro Introduces HERO4: The Most Powerful GoPro Lineup, Ever